I have been working on a research, for quite some time, which examines the causes that led to the downfall of the Greek Civilization. The reason why I began my research was a book I read that led me to get- involved with this particular subject. The Emperor of Byzantium Julian, whom the church, with an ignorant naïveté that has and promotes, had characterized as an Offender, was the one who has written that book. I must insist on this label, as I will validate it in the next lines of this document. The following two photographs have been in my hands for quite some time now.







Examine closely the two above photographs. If you compare the photograph of the church of Sacri Couer, which is situated on the hill of Montmartre in Paris, with the photograph of a space shuttle, you will notice that there is a striking resemblance. The main fuel reservoir of the space shuttle the central cupola of the church, the booster rockets next to the reservoir the side cupolas of the Church (the belfries, the sound that is produced by the bells is multiplied, imitate the noise caused during the ignition and the take off), space shuttle attached to the main reservoir a building that reminds that looks like the space shuttle attached to the central cupola, nozzles for the gases to exit champers in the church that look like the corresponding nozzles, launch platform of space shuttle -the configuration of the hill of the Montmartre looks similar to the space launch platform, the rails that the space platform is moved upon - steps that depict above-mentioned.


The church of Sacri Couer was built in 1874, one whole century before our time.


After this, I began searching for resemblances in other Christian temples, e.g. the church of Saint Sofia in Istanbul, churches in the various cities of Greece either from the Byzantine period, or more recent ones. I found everywhere the same resemblances as above.

My research, also, has been extended to the temples of other religions. Everywhere I looked there was the same resemblance with the space shuttle. Of course, every nation and every religion has a different style.


However, generally speaking, there is the central cupola (relation to the main fuel reservoir), the smaller cupolas (belfries) (relation to the booster rockets), and the chambers (oval) - (relation to the nozzles). Particularly, regarding the Christian temples, an absolute resemblance does indeed exist. Regarding the Moslem temples, most of the times, only the main reservoir appears to be similar - the central cupola and definitely the minarets as the belfries of the Christian temples. Resemblance also exists in the temples of other monotheist religions (Buddhist religion, Japanese religion, religion of the Chinese, Hindu religion).


An enormous query was born inside my mind, regarding the causes of such striking resemblances and the relation that exists between the temples as places of worship and the space shuttle. I tried to come up with some sort of an explanation until it came up to me when I read Homers Odyssey and particularly rhapsody z', chapter 42. It is the following text:


He had written:


" ' ', . ' , ' , ' . . , "


The translation follows:


When she had said this Athena went away to Olympus, which they say is the everlasting home of the gods. Here no wind beats roughly, and neither rain nor snow can fall; but it abides in everlasting sunshine and in a great peacefulness of light, wherein the blessed gods are illumined for ever and ever. This was the place to which the goddess went when she had given instructions to the girl.


This means that Homer gave us an accurate description of a space shuttle, since in space there are on storms neither rain, snowfalls do not exist, neither clouds. Absolute silences reigns and since it is constantly facing the sun in order to receive its energy (sun orbit), it is always bathed in the sunlight. Therefore, there is something in common between the temples of current religions and what Homer describes as the residence of gods of Olympus, namely SPACE.


Moreover, further studying of the procedures followed in religious masses shows that there is a large resemblance with the procedures followed during the launch of a space shuttle or a vehicle in space. I.e. 1. The building as a site resembles the space shuttle. 2. The belfries that produce a continuous noise with their bells, in relation to the noise caused at the ignition of fuels and the launch of the shuttle. 3. The psalmodies during the course of the mass, namely a continuous noise similar to the noise of the engine of a plane during the flight and finally smoke that scents (white)(incense), in relation to the product of combustion which is used for the ignition and the transportation of the vehicle beyond the atmosphere. A product of combustion such as hydrogen, which has a distinctive smell (exhaust).


Investigating further in order to support the above-mentioned, I found in Bible the following text. Genesis chapter 3, 23-24 "So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life."


We draw the conclusion that this space station (the residence of gods named Olympus) was in earth orbit and due to some event it was forced to enter a sun orbit in an exactly diametrically opposed position to the Earth having the Sun as centre (flaming sword flashing back and forth). From the information that I have available, this space station OLYMPUS has the form of a wheel and its dimensions are enormous.


What became of the space station that Homer describes in the Odyssey?


It was not Skylab in order to drop, neither the MIR in order to lose its direction.


What then were its residents? Gods?


I do not know of any gods that live in a space station, however that may be possible, but the residents of it are not Gods and since they use vehicles as means of transportation to reach it, they are definitely not Gods.

So, what is actually going on?


Greek Mythology


Homer: Rhapsody M chapters 127-141. Tiresias directives to Odysseus following his decent to Hades (as we can see, Jesus Christ is not the only person that went down to Hades and stepped upon death when he returned to Earth, but also Odysseus, Orpheus, Theseus accompanied by his friend Pirithous - and Hercules. A total number of five different individuals, all of them living before the arrival of Christ, out of which the four came back to Earth, except Pirithous, whom Pluto kept imprisoned, because he along with Theseus, had tried to steal his wife, Persephone. This is where the subject about Hades nature rises. We will not examine it in a metaphysical context, the same way regarded by religion and the Gods, but within the sphere of reality and logic. My opinion concerning this subject is analyzed below):


The directives of Tiresias to Odysseus on his return in the Ithaca are:


When your ship reaches the Thrinacian Island, where you will find the sheep and cattle belonging to the sun, who sees and gives ear to everything. If you leave these flocks unharmed and think of nothing but of getting home, you may yet, after much hardship, reach Ithaca; but if you harm them, then I forewarn you of the destruction both of your ship and of your men. Even though you may yourself escape, you will return in bad plight after losing all your men.


Here we have the Suns sheep and cattle being herd and no one, but no one dares to harm them. Odysseus companions slaughtered a few of them, and now, we can read in the Odyssey the effects of their actions.


Even before this, there are reports about the cows of Sun-Apollo that are freely herded and Hermes, when he had been given birth, dares to steal them and slaughter them, the cattle of Geryon that are guarded by Ortheus and Hercules seizes them, etc.


One of todays main food sources is veal meat. What other kind of food would this people (gods) eat up there in "Olympus"? According to mythology, they could possibly had Nectar and Ambrosia" as their main food groups, though few steaks would do them good, make them stronger. I doubt the existence of "Nectar and Ambrosia" and I believe that their diet consisted of veal meat, as well as goat and lamp meat, such as it is common today.


So, what was actually happening?


The island the Thrinaca where the cows of Sun were herded and all of other information I mentioned before, are farms that supply and provide the space station "OLYMPUS" with the necessary meat. What would happen if they left the "mortals" to consume all the sheep, cattle, and cows? They would not have anything to eat. They were forced to have all the advanced security systems so that they could protect their food. Dogs, herders, and maybe even robots, as it is obvious in the case of Geryon and his dog Ortheus (monster).


When our ancestors offered sacrifice to the gods, they offered bull, because they could see that the bull was a sacred animal and it was protected from them with a penalty of death. When a human is hungry and he puts steaks to the fire to roast them, the smell of burning meat pleases him, the same way that the Gods of Olympus would be pleased, just like him. Therefore, in order for the gods of Olympus to be pleased, the humans sacrificed bulls, by throwing them into the fire, and the smell of burning meat was rising from the fire, along with smoke. The gods would be greatly pleased, if there was a whole lot of smoke and smell, because that was their food.


In Jewish mythology, God accepts Abels gift, the meat and not the gift of Cain, the fruits. If you are a carnivorous, meat is far tastier than apples and pears, the ones offered by Cain. Because of this, he envies and finally kills Abel (it was his bad luck that he worshipped a carnivorous God instead of an Ecologist-vegetarian).


Therefore, the bull is a sacred animal calf - the cow. How strange it is for the bull to be worshipped as sacred animal (Crete-Minoas) and all the objects of worship ("idols") of all the nations to have the form of bull.


Even these days, in India people do not eat veal and cow meat (sacred animal) and actually, the cows they come and go as they please in the streets freely entering the houses, without anyone obstructing them.


We already have added meat in their dietary, apart from the wheat that they would have definitely grown (because meat, not accompanied by bread, cannot be eaten); they also had the various offerings from the temples that they were given by mortals.


The conclusion is drawn, that there was some sort of technology, or to be more particular, the kind of technology that enables the escape from the atmosphere. In order to accomplish that, a certain kind of vehicle is necessary a spaceship.


Greek Mythology Apollonius from Rhodes - Argonautics (Kardamitsa Publications) Second Chapter - verse 674-684 "And to them the son of Leto (Apollo), as he passed from Lycia far away to the countless folk of the Hyperboreans, appeared; and about his cheeks on both sides his golden locks flowed in clusters as he moved; in his left hand he held a silver bow, and on his back was slung a quiver hanging from his shoulders; and beneath his feet all the island quaked, and the waves surged high on the beach. Helpless amazement seized them as they looked; and no one dared to gaze face to face into the fair eyes of the god. And they stood with heads bowed to the ground; but he, far off, passed on to the sea through the air;


If we remove the mythological element of this narration, what it is being described, is the motion of a vehicle that has two nozzles, from which the fumes of the exhaustion are released, i.e. hydrogen or any other kind of fuel and, since there is radiation emitting, it is impossible to watch the nozzles, while lowering your eyes to the ground, so you will not be blinded. This vehicle is flying in the sky and it leaves the atmosphere behind.


We continue.


Trojan War - the death of Achilles, when his mother Thetis comes to claim his body.

Narration (Athens Publishing page 124) - the Achaeans bury Antilochus separately and then they clean the body of Achilles from all the blood, they take care of it and they rest it upon his bed, while they lament him. Suddenly, a great noise is heard coming out of the waves, so great that the Achaeans frightened are prepared him run and hide in their boats. Nestor, however, calms them down and explains to them that it was the mother of the dead Achilles, Thetis who was arriving along with her immortal sisters to mourn the dead.


What was that noise that came out of the waves? Thetis, daughter of Nereus - son of Neptune.


What kind of noise does a submarine make when it rises from the bottom of the sea? Neptune is also the God of the sea.


All it now remains is the third member of the company, according to Hesiods Theogonia, when the Titans prevailed in the Titanomachy and divided the world (Zeus takes the Olympus - Neptune the sea). Pluto is the one that takes Hades, the one third that is not part of Zeus territory neither of Neptunes, it is not the Space station OLYMPUS, neither the sea.


What is Hades?


I would propose that certain researchers, instead of trying to discover the remains of Noahs ark, they should focus their attention on discovering Hades. I believe the results will be far more impressive, along with the findings.

I am of two minds on this subject.


The description of Hades, is one of a dark place, deep under in the ground where no beam of sun reaches it (When the companions of Odysseus eat the cattle, the sun threatens that he will go down there to shed light upon the dead, and Zeus comes to calm him down, by saying to him that he will strike them with his thunders).

I originally believed that Hades was in fact the Moon. It is the solar systems body with the most peculiar behaviour more so, I believe, than any other in the galaxy.


1.    It is hollow on the inside (Hades). The Astronauts of Apollo 12-14-15-16 realized that, when they installed seismographs on the Moon, and after they connected them to the main spaceship that was orbiting the moon, they threw the lunar module at it in order to produce an artificial earthquake. The Moon echoed as an enormous bell for 3 continuous hours, until the vibration died out.

2.    Its orbit is almost circular around the Earth, which is very strange, since all the known planets and their satellites have an elliptic one.

3.    Because of its synchronous rotation, only one side of the moon is visible to us. An unseen side of it exists, one we cannot view form Earth, for obvious reasons.

4.    While examining them from Earth, the discs of Sun and Moon seem to be the same in size. This is happening because the true diameter of the Moon equals to 3456 kilometres, while the Suns equals to 1.353.600 kilometres, meaning that their mathematical relation is about 1/400. The average distance of the Sun from the Earth is 148.000.000 kilometres, while the Moons is only 400.000 kilometres from here. What is strange here is that the mathematical relation between these two distances is, also, about 1/400. Since the relation of distance and size is the same, the apparent size of these two bodies is also the same and the microscopic Moon seems to have the same size as the enormous Sun, and during the eclipse, it naturally covers exactly the sun disc. Besides that, the Moon has about the ¼ of Earths volume and despite the gravitational pull of the Sun, it is not pulled away from her. Not only this, but it also has an almost circular orbit, which remains the same during thousands of years, while Ganymede, which has about the 1/20 of Jupiters volume, has an elliptic orbit, and we know of Jupiters gravitational pull, because of the way that it has shaped its closest satellite, Io. Earth is not Jupiter; it is unable to keep the Moon with its gravity in a circular orbit.

5.    According to Apollonius of Rhodes, the Moon had not been formed in the Sky, when the Arcadians existed here on earth along with the Peloponnesians. This means that the Moon is a recent addition to the Solar system. Apollonius of Rhodes Argonautica, page.216. Verses.260-265, Kardamitsa publications. Two Russian scientists, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, in Wilsons book the Secrets of Moon, also support this. The two Russian scientists support the theory that the Moon is one enormous spaceship.


My second opinion concerning Hades is based upon Hesiods narration in Theogony, and upon current religion.


Hesiod reports:

And there, all in their order are the sources and ends of gloomy earth and misty Tartarus and the unfruitful sea and starry heaven, loathsome and dank, which even the gods abhor. It is a great gulf, and if once a man were within the gates, he would not reach the floor until a whole year had reached its end, but cruel blast upon blast would carry him this way and that. And this marvel is awful even to the deathless gods. There stands the awful home of murky Night wrapped in dark clouds.

From this narration, we draw the conclusion that somewhere deep in Earth, a magnetic prison exists, where, according to Hesiod, the opposition of the Civilization, which was worshipped as Gods, were being imprisoned. Uranus, who, according to Hesiod, imprisoned his own children, to keep them from taking away his authority, created this magnetic prison.

The entrance to this magnetic prison, is in the area that has been described as the Bermuda Triangle (great gulf), and in Earths North Pole.

Other than that conclusion about the existence of a magnetic prison in the center of the Earth, there is an existence of the strong magnetic field which creates space in the lava,because there is no material that could handle so high temperatures other than a magnetic field, where energy forms of life released after the phenomenal death of humans are trapped. It comes frome the above reference from Isiodos, the existence of an artificially created black hole in the center of Earth, which, if it runs out of control by those who made it is capable of sucking the hole Solar System. The fact I'm processing is sturdy and non-...about its reality. This means that Earth and the whole Solar System are in danger of those who created and control the black hole to be sucked by it. This means that the existence of this black hole and whoever controls it has the ultimate super-weapon under his control, who has the ability if he wants to obliterate the Solar System from this region of the Galaxy. The following photographs, taken by the ESSA-7 satellite on 23/11/1968, the hole appears towards the center of the Earth on the North Pole. This photograph compared with an astronomic photograph of the black hole shows perfect similarity. Consider that, after taking that photo with the fore-mentioned satellite, no photograph was released about this subject until today, despite the existence of so many artificial satellites.

Anoigma NP.jpg Anoigma NP 1.jpg



This is the place where the energy of the life forms which are released at the moment of death, are being held. Hermes Trismegistous, Dion Publications, page 56 (When the mind casts off its earthly body, it dresses itself in its own natural, fiery chiton, that it could not have while it was residing in the earthly body, because earth cannot stand the fire.), as well as the opposing Gods (Zeus-Apollo, etc), of a Civilization which has colonised the Solar System. Hesiod mentions misty Tartarus and a very powerful magnetic field (cruel blast upon blast would carry him this way and that - magnetic storm). When the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle is taking place, it gets very misty and a magnetic storm is occurring, which causes the malfunction of the aircrafts instruments (Flight 47 Disappearance of Aircrafts Ships, etc). However, caves used to be able to give passageway to the realm of Hades. Hercules descent to Hades, Theseus and Pirithous decent to Hades.

However, this subject is ideal for an investigative research, which I believe will bring to light a great deal of evidence concerning its existence.

It is something real, not something that belongs to the realms of fantasy and metaphysics.

There are many more scriptures among the works of the Ancient Greeks, which prove to us that the God's possessed technology that normally belongs in modern times. Or even more precisely, technology of an age that is yet to come, such as advanced robotics (see TALOS robot during the Minoan times in Crete, mixture of genetics and robotics (see the creation of Pandora - Greek Mythology), and many more, out of which I could easily fill 2 - 3 pages, simply by noting them.

Lets see a more recent time.

Exodus of the Jewish from Egypt - mount Sinai.

Old Testament Exodus, chapter 19, verses 16 19

And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightning, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.

And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the nether part of the mount.

And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.

And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, and God answered him by a voice


In the following two pictures, I give you my opinion about what had happened.

Image3.jpg Image4.jpg


Where was this civilization created? According to the Greek Mythology, before the deluge, Greece was populated by Ancient Greeks. The Greeks of classical Greece believed that they were decedents of the Gods.

Plato - Timaeus

And there you dwelt, having such laws as these and still better ones, and excelled all mankind in all virtue, as became the children and disciples of the gods

Someone would say that this is an alien civilization.

This goes against every single one of their activities that took place here in Greece (having Greek names, etc)

In addition, they are genetically similar to every other human, having the same genes-characteristic as every other human being on Earth

They come to Earth and they make love to mortal women, which give birth to their children. Here on Earth, different species cannot reproduce among them, i.e. humans and animals do not produce children. Could this be possible with genetic material from another planet?

They have all the character flaws that people here on Earth have; they have the same joeys, the same petty selfishness, and delights. They can get hurt by humans (Diomedes during the Trojan war hurt Aphrodite and Ares, who while screaming from the intense pain, run for refuge to Olympus (space station) and heals himself, as well as Aphrodite (advance medicine with the use of clean pharmaceuticals - space).

They are unable to save their own children and other mortals from harm, i.e. Zeus cannot save his son Sarpidon, neither Hector from Death, because "the fates had already written their deaths".

In addition, by studying Hesiod's Work and Days, he mentions that Gods and men were born together.

A civilization that manage to acquire technology to enable it to escape the gravitational pull of the earth, would naturally try to protect it and keep it for itself, by letting no other of Earth's Civilizations, also acquire it.

It is quite possible, that in the future there will be conflict between us this Civilization, since our design is to attempt to colonize the planets that are close to our own, such as the Moon and Mars. This is certain, because this Civilization has declared through religion, that it is willing to fight us. That will happen very shortly, before we get the chance to colonize the Moon and Mars.

Of course, some humanistic elements were and still are a part of this Civilization i.e. Prometheus, who was the minority. As we can see in the mythology, they were without power, and they were being punished for their actions that they performed, while trying to help other Civilizations of the Earth, to reach into space, to gain knowledge, by transferring the know-how (supply of nuclear weapons to the humans) (Prometheus punishment by Zeus).

This Civilization, since the space around the Earth, as well as above it, was filled with terrible civil wars, overthrows, dictatorships (Cronos overthrew Uranus, and then Zeus overthrew Cronos the conflict between them is known as Titanomachy. Zeus prevailed, though he was soon overthrown too, and two of his children, Athena and Dionysus, finally prevailed), it destroyed every single of Earths Civilizations, which made steps in order to reach the space age.

Fight of the Giants deluge todays civilization (Revelation, Dionysus and Athena prevailed, us todays leaders of this civilization)


Plato Timaeus, Zacharopoulos publications, chapter 3, pages 69-85

Plato while conversing with Socrates and Timaeus, Solons visit to Egypt and what the local priests told him.

Solon lived around 480 BC

He mentions that many great disasters had taken place a long time ago, disasters caused by water, fire and from many other causes and he explains the reasons why.

The essence of his narration is the following.

He reports:

And whatever happened either in your country or in ours, or in any other region of which we are informed-if there were any actions noble or great or in any other way remarkable, they have all been written down by us of old, and are preserved in our temples.

Whereas just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilence, comes pouring down, and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education; and so you have to begin all over again like children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times, either among us or among yourselves.

As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children. In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones; in the next place, you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. And this was unknown to you, because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word. For there was a time, Solon, before the great deluge of all, when the city which now is Athens was first in war and in every way the best governed of all cities,is said to have performed the noblest deeds and to have had the fairest constitution of any of which tradition tells, under the face of heaven.

The natural disasters are described first here, and then the heavens current, which in regular time intervals, destroys everything as soon as the cities organize themselves and sends everything back to the Stone Age.

The reason why, is the one mentioned above, and secondly, Heaven's current is governed by dictators, and a dictatorship never tolerates any other better political beliefs, like those that we hear being spoken beneath the Heaven's, more so, if it has the ability to impose its will. Naturally, we do not refer to Ancient Greece, but to an age, that is even older than that.

So we have the deluge, since we are actually living on a bomb, because of all the water, and those psychopaths (Heaven's current), can blow us up, at any given time.

How will this happen? For example, if we were to place 100 nuclear bombs in the bottom of the ocean, that will explode simultaneously. The temperature that will be created would be of a million degree causing the water to vaporize, and the localized disappearance of the Earths crust. Besides the water turning to steam, due to the high temperatures caused by the explosion, million of other tons of water will fall to the Earth's core. So, what will happen? Where would this sudden vaporization of water expand?

Its direction will not be downwards, but upwards. The sea explodes and every form of life, both in the sea and on the ground, will be vanished. At the same time, the vapours rise to the atmosphere, and rain will fall when they turn to water, not pouring rain, but a kind of rain such as has never been seen. The destruction of our civilization will also occur, because of the fall of an enormous meteorite into the sea, resulting in a gigantic tsunami, one that will drown every single one of the Earths inhabitants. This is described in the Apocalypse, which means that they have done that in the past, and they will probably do it again it in the future. I believe that this is what happened during the deluge. Also destruction of our culture can be done by changing the polarity of the magnetic field of Earth. This can be done by gathering considerable sums in energy intensity in Earth's atmosphere resulting in ionization of the atmosphere of Earth, the superiority, in this result, they have. This enormous concentration of energy in the atmosphere (the technology on this feature) may change the polarity of the magnetic field of the Earth with catastrophic effects for the planet and our civilization. Test this superiority in a small area on Earth, was the beginning of 1900 in Siberia with the result that literally burned by the high temperature developed a vast region of Siberia which remain unexplained to date them. I believe this was during the flood (change of polarity of the magnetic field of the planet so the water to flood the entire planet and the destruction of the then existing culture of the land). This may happen during the purported year 2012. There's so much paranoia that their use may be an astronomical event, the alignment ie 5 planets of our solar system, which will be held on December 21, 2012, as time point, to hit the world and human culture.

Reading Jesus Christ's beliefs upon this matter Gospel of Mark, chapter 13, verses 7 37 - that not a single stone will not be ruined, and according to the divine plan, first the gospels will be spread throughout the world and woe to the pregnant women and the women that breastfeed during those times (nuclear strike). The sun will turn black and the Moon will no shed its light (nuclear strike) and the day of the attack, is known only to his Father Dionysus, because Jesus Christ knows that his father Dionysus, possesses great power within his hands having obtained nuclear weapons and this because Crhist, during his reign, had direct acces in controlling nuclear weapons, has direct acces in controlling Spaceships Commanders. Reading the Apocalypse, in which the attack to Earth by meteorites is being described, causing radioactive residuum, the poisoning of the waters and the extinction of every single form of life here, upon this Earth, caused by every kind of Dionysus artefacts (Apocalypse, chapter 16, verses 1-21). A new species of man will be created, called the chosen ones (Energy life forms) (Rising of the dead) which will live in Space. From all of this, we draw the conclusion, that the threat is not imagined, but it is indeed, quite real. Reading the Apocalypse, which describes the attack on this planet by nuclear weapons from space, and at the same time keeping in mind that according to the Greek Mythology, Zeus made our civilization, we draw the conclusion that the lunatic who is in charge of this Civilization (Dionysus) has a Divine Plan. His plan is to wipe out every single one of Earth's life forms, so he, along with his chosen ones (who will be energy life forms), will reside in space, a huge space stations that have been already been built.


1. Don Wilson's book: The Secrets of our Spaceship Moon, by AURORA publications, page 62.

'In the December of 1968, the space shuttle Apollo 8 carried the astronauts Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, William A. Anders, to an orbit around the Moon. The shuttle was already in orbit around the Moon, the astronauts had seen its dark side, when suddenly they encountered an enormous alien spaceship (Could this be the space station that Homer mentions in the Odyssey?) and they manage to photograph it. According to their estimates, it was about 16 square kilometres." This book was published in 1978.

2. Photograph of an Unidentified Flying Object, which had been taken by the Russian space shuttle Phobos II, while it was close to Mars' satellite Phobos, before it got lost (because it disappeared without a trace), showed this (UFO) that had a length of 15 1/2 miles. This photograph was kept as a guarded secret, until the fall of the Soviet Union, and it was first presented in Larry King's show on the 22nd of November 1991.

3. Picture huge in size unidentified object which was taken by the U.S. spacecraft Cassini indicating that the object moves through and over the rings of Saturn. This photograph was taken by the Cassini September 2009 and available on the NASA page on the Cassini.

4. On the 22st of December 2010, Russian newspaper Pravda published the following piece of information. Three giant spaceships are heading towards Earth. The biggest of those is 240 kilometers long. The other two are smaller. Until this moment, those objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto. The spaceships were detected by the HAARP research system. This system is based on Alaska and was initially designed for studying the aurora phenomenon (the Pravda article hints that HAARP has also space-observing capabilities). According to SETI researchers, the objects are nothing but alien spaceships. They will become clear on optical telescopes when the reach Mars orbit. The US Government is aware of the forthcoming event (3rd photo attached) (english.pravda.ru/22-12-2010).

Phobos.jpg Cassini.jpgSpacecraft.jpg


What we have here is the same pieces of information, from two different individual sources, one in 1978, one in 1991 and one in 2009. The information about enormous constructs, far beyond our current capability to construct anything, exist in our Solar system, in the space close to Earth. In addition, more recent information and photographs that had been taken from spaceships that orbit Mars show us the existence of cities and constructs on this planet.

Nuclear warheads will hit our heads, and we will be happy, because we are about to meet God.

We have been brainwashed for so many years.

I believe after close examination, that there is danger of an imminent destruction of humankind, apart from the "Mormons" who have been preparing themselves for this.

Anixneuseis magazine, issue No 22, February 1998, page 66.

Right now, the Mormons have in their possession a whole mountain located in the USA, which is hollow inside. In its exceptionally technologically advanced corridors, the Mormons gather in huge electronic files, all of the world's knowledge - every single book, every single piece of art, the texts, the ancient artefacts. This mountain will be humankinds ark, when the end of times comes. Within it, protected thousands of armoured cement and lead, the chosen ones will be saved and when the new dawn of the world arrives, they will rebuild mankind using this ark's legacy, without repeating the mistakes of the past."

You can imagine a nightmarish future world to live into (every life form here one Earth will have been vanished by the above mentioned Civilization), where the Mormons are the only survivors, because thanks to their religion they are aware of what is going to happen and the have taken their measures. They are planning to be worshiped as if they were worshiped like Gods by every nation after the deluge, because they have cultivated these insane and illogical beliefs into mans mentality, by his return back to the Stone Age. A psychopathic mentality in all its glory. It is psychopathic, because they have placed themselves, in the place of God, whose cells are the Stars and his organs are the Galaxies, the cosmic radiation is his conscience, this cosmic energy that radiates throughout this great space, this enormous life form that we call the Universe.

The Ignorant Naivety of every religion has laid the ideological setting, thanks to their naivety without any examination of what is going on, brainwashing for years into legalizing and excusing this attack, so that we may safely go to meet our Maker, filled with joy, without any reluctance. It is Ignorant Naivety, because without analyzing the facts and data, without any spiritual reluctance, they cultivated and support the fabrication that these psychopaths have promoted. This fabrication is about a God which is interpreted as a transition of information so that your prospective opponent will be obliterated military-wise, the one who you are about to strike, so that when the time comes (the Divine Plan, the date of which is known only to Dionysus) to strike him, he will offer no resistance. A perfect tactic, a perfect brainwashing by an advantaged civilization in order to win a war, in this modern technological age. Every one of todays religions refers to that. In the times before, they were not aware of what was exactly happening, because they could not interpret it with todays technical data, so they believed all of this as a religion. It is information that comes though religion and through the ancient texts, from past generations to the ones of these days, which have the technological knowledge and they can interpret with todays technical data, what our ancestors were unable to, and they brought to us this information through religion and though their works, mostly Platos. For example, today we can interpret what Jesus Christ referred to as his Heavenly Father, whose kingdom is not here on earth, but in Heaven. It is up to us, since we have the technical ability to interpret this information, to stop exalting it.

Todays religious leaders (Patriarch Pope Archbishops Bishops) should revise a great deal of todays religion. Because if we interpret the Old and New Testament, as well as the Apocalypse, with todays technical data, we reach the result that those who were worshipped as gods, in times before and today, are indeed Humans, who were born here on Earth (Zeus, Dionysus, Athena, Dionysus son Jesus Christ the grandson of Zeus). Dionysus is presented as Yahweh, Athena as the Holy Spirit A holy trinity by the children and grandson of Zeus (of the same essence, indivisible authority). The devil of the three monotheistic religions is Zeus. I certainly do not except from todays religious leaders to revise what they believe in, because thanks to their naivety these religions serve the purpose of the fifth of Dionysus Phalanx against man. He, as well as his father Zeus before him, eliminated the Civilizations that took steps to advance and reach the Space age, because of the overpopulation, (Earth had gotten heavier due to all the people and he complained to Zeus about it) and he assumed to destroy them, so he (Dionysus), has made up his mind to destroy mans civilization.

Todays governments of the Earths nations should prepare themselves against the threat that is posed by this Civilization that resides in space. By believing in the various religions, the fall directly into the trap, that has been set by this Civilization, the perfect and total brainwashing that has been taking place centuries now. We must look directly into their eyes, try to approach them as Earths civilization, and make them understand that we do not consider them Gods, but an advanced Civilization, superior to ours. If this approach does not convince them that they are not Gods, a way must be found for us to descent to the centre of the Earth, where inside the lava there is a space formed by a powerful magnetic field called Hades or Tartarus, where Zeus and Apollo are being held prisoners. We must set them free, simply, in order to learn what man truly is and what happened in the past, despite the wrath of Dionysus and Athena that this action will befall on us. We must find a way to descent into the Earths centre and release all these energy life forms (any that may still exist and have not lost their energy inside the lava) that are created by mans death. This is where Zeus was imprisoned during the war he had against mankind, when finally Zeus himself fell into the prison that he built for mankind. His Son, Dionysus, keeps this prison active to this day. Great was the hatred of that person (Zeus) against humankind and all of the Earths Civilizations that had been destroyed by this Civilization that has colonized the Solar System. He was described justly by religion as the Devil. This disgrace of Hades, this prison of man, should end. This reality of our eternal imprisonment in the center of the earth this reality full katarrakosis and humiliation of human existence from a civilization that preceded us from leaving space. From a Civilization of mutant genes in birds. Should understand, realize that 14 Km beneath our feet is carnage people.

Since we understand that this threat is quite real and present, we should try approaching the Humanitarians of this Civilizations (I believe I know who these Humanitarians might be), to acquire certain technological know-how concerning the making of spaceships that will have the ability to escape Earths atmosphere with flexible movements (UFOs). That way, we may be given a chance to stand against this threat, and save human civilization from obliteration. Their spaceships are frequently seen as UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). The spaceships of Dionysus and Athena. Spaceships that are more advanced technologically than ours. Possessing nuclear weapons is not enough, since we will not be able to use them against them, against the space station that is close to the sun, against the hollow Moon that they use as the main base of operations and against the space station that they have on Mars. We do not have any ships that can strike at their bases in the Solar system. We will not be the ones that are attacking, but the ones that are defending themselves. What comes first is the survival of Earths civilization. We must find a way to communicate with the Energy Being called Earth or Gaia (see Hesiods Theogonia, Theory of Gaia of James Lovelock), since it provided help to different Civilizations of the Earth that were destroyed by this Civilization. This is the one that created us it created three different life forms, plant life form (plants), animal life forms (animals, humans, insects) and energy life forms (Gods and the life form that is created when humans die, which cannot be detected by our senses, a life form made by cosmic energy that is spread throughout the universe). We must not destroy it with our mindless actions here on Earth (pollution of the planet, destruction of the environment). This is the way it must be, because EARTH is also a life form. Our ancestors, who through their works transmitted this information, one that is close to being acceptable today (GAIA theory), understood this. The wars between us must cease and we must understand that we have a common enemy called Dionysus or Bacchus or Yahweh, who with the help of his Civilization, threatens to obliterate with nuclear weapons our Civilization, to vanish every life form here on Earth, as we know and understand it here on this planet. We must face them and take the necessary information from an already existing Universal database, by connecting to this universal INTERNET. The living organism called Universe had created this and inside it are stored16 billion years worth of recorded information. It also characterized as Akashic Field and billions of the universes advanced Civilizations have access to it. The data stored there will help us to gain a force equal to the one that this Civilization already has,data which enable us to obtain equal power to the power obtained by that Civilization,power which enables them to explode planets (see explosion of the fifth planet-today's asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter), powers which enables then to place the Moon in orbit around the Earth (select or its correct name, Planet Nabiru), in order for us to obtain the power to confront them, so that we can face them. Only two people so far have gained access to the enormous volume of information that is stored in this Universal database. One of them was Nicola Tesla and Edgar Cayce was the other one. The cosmic radiation that has spread throughout the Universe must be analyzed, because it contains vital information and data that we have not yet managed to decode. This universal INTERNET is the conscience of this living organism called the UNIVERSE, to which advanced Alien Civilizations that have developed in that space occupied by the Universe, have access to. The leaders of this Planet, must include to the what they plan for the future of this Planet and the generations that will follow, to take this information concerning this threat a Civilization of psychopaths that threatens to declare war, one that has immense fire power in its hand. I insist on this characterization that I have given to this Civilization, because, despite its ability to enter Space before we do, despite its very advanced technological progress it has achieved, when it comes down to the development of human emotions, a level of psycho synthesis / conscience, it is still quite primitive. This has happened, because this Civilization consists of our ancestors, Humans who as soon as they realize that they have great power in their hands, they are possessed by it and lose their senses. This is a characteristic feature of people here on Earth, on we see in every one of their activities, which is also a characteristic feature of people that reside in Space. We must let go of the naivety that defines us, and correctly examine the information and data, in order to avert the imminent destruction of Earths Civilization.

My thoughts are the result of a research that has taken many years, though I do not wish to confound anyone, since what I am interested in is Humankind and its continued existence here on this planet, such as it is, not as Dionysus wishes and plans for his chosen ones in Space. A planet that we must stop polluting with our activities.

I finish saying that the material Ive got from my research is huge and I cant go into much detail in so few lines. What Im trying to give through this research Ive made is to wake the people up from our ignorance so we can analyze correctly information and data and make our position against this Civilization clear. The Civilizations position about us is predetermined (they prison us in the center of the Earth (Tartarus, not Hades) and also vanish and weaken inside the black hole theyve created in the center of the Earth every energy form of life created after the phenomenal death of people, spiritual people, scientists of the people, every bright living spirit of people and holds inside Hades (Hades and Tartarus are different) only the stupid and their favorites, with immediate goal to prevent creation by humankind of a future Civilization similar and competitive to theirs), so this is why our position towards them should be made clear. Because, when 4000 years ago during the Trojan war we confronted them with weapons on the same scale as weapons of the era and we defeated them (this is the reason why Zeus fell), despite Apollo used weapons which we currently use today (machine guns) (see fall of Troy despite the support Trojans had by Zeus and Apollo), so I believe through a correct data analysis, despite their huge technological advance, despite our inferior position in terms of technology, through a correct data analysis we can confront them, And I insist that all human tries, all produced wealth of the planet, all current technology should lead to theat goal. It should be given priority in constructing ships which can exit easily the atmosphere of Earth, in order to confront their ships, which are the UFOs. We have to understand that those who Ancient Greeks worshiped as Gods, those we still worship as Gods today and those who we currently call aliens are the same. And all this misinformation over the years about alience, this misinformation which HOLLYWOOD and SPIELBERG are to blame, this misinformation should stop. Enough with the disorientation performed by religions aboug God (I analyze above what it is), this virtual reality we live in, this naivity about aliens should stop. Every data I analyze shows that this Civilization fears us. And they dont fear us with our planetary form which they can kill, but they are afraid of the energy form we acquire after our phenomenal death, which is immortal, and this is the reason they prison us in the center of the Earth. Because imagine a Civilization competitive to the other Civilization which has occupied the Solar System, with the same form and structure of an Energy Hologram. It is something they wont let happen. Imagine a Civilization of the people in this form where Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Democritus, Einstein were alive. Where that would go, in which level of advance. So this Civilization is plausible for the people. This opportunity of humankind they fear and they are determined to destroy our Civilization, just how they did with various civilizations of Earth (Giants, Humans, etc). And they have done everything to disorient people. They have succeeded in making people not to think, not to analyze. In Zeus era they created among people one race, Hellenes (children and interns of Gods, Plato says), with a goal to propagandise Zeus to people. And we played this role because of our extreme theism we blinded people. Only one Greek understood the truth, Socrates, and we made him drink the conium. Because what he said angered the Gods. Because he understood that Gods are responsible for the imprisonment of people in the center of the Earth. Through Zeus fall we have the fall of the Greek civilization and the rise of the Jew civilization and the role of propagandizing Dionysus has been taken foolishly by the Jews. Because its a race created by Dionysus. Them, just like us Greeks in Zeus era, today in Dionysus ara, with their extreme theism, they are blinding people. They have made people not be able to understand reality. To understand a virtual reality. With goal of this Civilization to not be able to react to our total paralysis in the forthcoming coming hit in our human civilization, the civilization of the people of Earth.

The following images justified to say that I who love the ancient Greeks gods that we worship God today and what we describe today as aliens are the same people.


Pinakas 3.jpg UFO 1.jpg

In the following photos give my opinion on the format outlined above for the energy-energy life form holograms, The form human take when they die (non apparent to our emotions (first photograph) and the form this Civilization has (apparent to our emotions) (second photograph) and which form we could take if we weren't imprisoned inside the center of the Earth,if we came in touch with the Solar energy.

Fantasma.jpg energy.jpg

Other than all these I mention above, due to the arrival of those three (3) ships, each 240 kms long and which will be orbiting Earth , there are these data:

  1. The spaceships are directly connected to those we worshipped as Gods before the arrival of the christian religion, they are directly connected with this who we currently worship as God. This, from a Greek mythology prespective, those who are coming is the Olympians and the titans, from a current religion prespective itsYahweh,, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ (because Im absolutely sure that aboard one of those ships is Christ), and which from a Greek mythology prespective are Dionyse, Athena and Christ.
  2. Those spaceships were on the edge of the Solar System (observed at Plutos orbit), so they are coming from the edge of the Solar System. In order for those huge ships to move they need huge amounts of energy. We, here on Earth, we take the energy we need to move, us and the environment survive thanks to the sun. There, solar energy does not reach, how do those ships harvest the huge amounts of energy they need to move? So they are self-sufficient. As for their velocity. Some time ago, we sent a drone for the exploration of Jupiter. This drone, moving at the maximum speed we can provide,w will take 5 years to reach Jupiter. . The American spaceship VOYAGER, moving in the greatest speed ever achieved until now took 40 years to reach the edge of the Solar System. And all there ships within 1,5 year will have reached Earth from Plutos orbit, the edge of the Solar system.
  3. According to what I wrote above, it becomes apparent these are no aliens but a Civilization from Earth who has beaten us at traveling through space. This question is emminent: Why did they leave Earth to humans (you raise and prosper and conquer Earth) and run towards the edge of the Solar System? What scared them here on Earth and rushed to leave the planet and held this safety gap from Earth? They could have used Earth as their base and prosper, as they prospered on the whole Solar System, but using the most beautiful planet as a base. So, what scared them on Earth? I think Hesiod gived the answer, as he writes in Theogony:


  1. And there, all in their order are the sources and ends of gloomy earth and misty Tartarus and the unfruitful sea and starry heaven, loathsome and dank, which even the gods abhor. It is a great gulf, and if once a man were within the gates, he would not reach the floor until a whole year had reached its end, but cruel blast upon blast would carry him this way and that. And this marvel is awful even to the deathless gods. So, this marvel for the immortal Gods is what scared them and receded Earth to humans and left to the edge of the Solar System keeping a safety distance from this marvel. That is, the existance in the center of the Earth of a black hole, controled presently by them, because they are those who created it and will be unable to in the future. This activated black hole, which as I forementioned is capable of sucking the entire solar system, what chances would this Civilizations and us have? What chances when this area of the Solar System will become a nightmate? Wouldnt they leave the situation? So this is what they plan to do. An exodus to another solar system of the Galaxy, away from the monster they created and year after year they cant control it because its growing bigger.


So, lets review our data in this direction:

    1. They have the ships, huge, energy self-sufficient and with a huge speed. Because those ships were only greated with intergalactic journeys in mind, with this speed they can achieve.
    2. These individuals of the Civilization are the energy life forms which I forementioned, they dont die, they are immortal. And they can travel with those ships in space for 10,000 or 20,000 years, looking for another solar system similar to ours, an exodus is feasible for them with those ships they possess.


They also have the ability during their exodus to another solar system, if they meet another Civilization as advanced as them (aliens) to obliterate it if it stands in the way of their goals. they plan to destroy every life form on the planet. On a planet Earth and a Solar System which will not exist anymore due to the existance of a black hole. Creating new energy forms of life with the death of humans, taking the elites aboard on their journey to find another solar system and disposing of the non-elites inside the activated black hole, disintegrating every form of life created after our phenomenal death. This is a conclusion reached by reading the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation mentioned the second death of humans, more tragic than the first death from the black hole. In the end of the Revelation, after all events which describes that will come first, it will result to a huge space metropolis inhabuted by all people, of the Sky and of Earth. I believe that this huge space metropolis (which if it existed in this solar system it would be located from us), exists in another solar system, according to my forementioned thoughts. And these thoughts enhance my argument that this Space Metropolis will be created in another Solar System. This is possible with the data I present above that its not a wild guess created by fantasy. And it is possible with the ships they possess for an exodus to another solar system, similar to ours. The existence of a black hole in the center of the Earth is a solid fact whose reality cant be overthrown. It is mentioned by Hesiod in is work THEOGONY, as well as a scientist, L. RIOFRIO. She reckons that this Black Hole is a natural phenomenon and I reckon, using Hesiod as a reference, that its artificially created. The issue is that it exists in the center of the Earth. The only hope for mankinds survival are those 3 spaceships that are heading towards aerth and will orbit Earth or the Sun . There are three of them, plus one photographed by Cassini on Saturns rings (prhotograph provided above), 4 plus one photographed by Russian satellite PHOVOS in the orbit of Phovos, Mars satelite (18.5 miles long), 5 plus one photographed by the crew on Apollo 8 in Moons orbit, 6, other than those smaller UFOs which come and go and I dont know how many are undetected by us. These forementioned ships are the only hope of mankind for survival. Because they are ships constructed for intergallactic journeys. This is apparent from their size and velocity. As for Earth, its fate is predetermined, This has to be understood by humans. Here on earth, a planetary goverment shold be formed and negotiate with the Leaders of this Civilization which is coming about the transport, if possible, of all humans, living or dead (because they are living too, only prisoned), and not only a selected few, in the planned exodus of humankind in another Solar System similar to ours, away from the coming nightmare which threatens to suck all of our Solar System.Summing up what I mention above brings up the following facts. The brain of a deceased human, when it shuts down, it creates in the space which we call Universe a copy. This copy has the form of an Energy Hologram and contains information from the deceased human's life. It contains his memory, his conscience, his feelings, his personality. This copy is unseen and incomprehensible by the senses of the rest of humans and becomes visible and comprehensible if it comes in contact with solar energy. It obtains the form of an Energy Hologram. After this happening, some beings who we, humans, call and worship as Gods, and who they call Gods themselves and it's a human civilization which has beaten us in reaching Space inside the Solar System, they created 14 km below our feet, inside lava, a space which they and we call Hades, they created an immensely strong magnetic field which repels lava and inside this space they placed collectors which capture this Energy Hologram Copy and imprison it inside this magnetic field, with a goal to avoid a similar and competitive civilization to theirs by the humans. Because they have the same form as those Energy Holograms. Because they are Energy Holograms themselves. Below this space, Hades, they created in the deepest depths of Earth a Black Hole where they dump their opponents inside, as well as every Energy Hologram Copy of those who during their lifetime were important people, scientists, etc, with a direct goal to avoid a future Civilization, similar and competitive to theirs, by the humans. Because if a second similar and competitive to them Civilization gets created by the humans, they are already gone. There is no possibility of a cooperation between the two Civilizations. By creating and controlling this Black Hole in the present, which is able to suck in the whole Solar System, they signed their own death will inside the space where they exist and prosper. Because, by creating this Black Hole which, at the moment, they control and hide, they set their own existence inside the Solar System in jeopardy. Because this Black Hole which sucks energy gets bigger and bigger and they are going to struggle controlling it in the future. This is why they created-designed a way to evacuate this Solar System towards another. So, they manufactured huge ships, 300-400 km long, which have been detected by us, which thanks to the velocity they can acquire, they are able to conduct this evacuation, escape from the nightmare themselves created. Taking with them the very important humans, according to them, and dumping the rest of the humans inside the Black Hole they no longer control, killing and annihilating them inside this Black Hole. So, this is the current reality and this reality should be understood by the humans in order for us to seek a way to react to this forthcoming situation. Because the people of Earth live inside a virtual reality, worshiping those lunatics as Gods, not being able to evaluate how grave this situation is, living and prospering inside this virtual reality, which takes away their ability to react, some kind of reaction against this grave situation.


George Kiparissis

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